First Real Release

Things that must be done prior to the first release:

 figure out some documentation system for noting which environments support each function (getComputedStyle, etc.) 
 check all links in source comments
 make sure every supported browser has a working iframe
 make sure that every browser supporting XMLHTTP or Load & Save works
 get Opera and Safari to load script dynamically 
 figure out messy data loading issues:
   http status
   Gecko problems with 'file:' urls
   re-use of an iframe 
   error handling

Next Release After That

The next release must have:

 full widget set


Some futures for some undetermined time:

Library additions:

 burst.web.Cookies (SVG and VML)  (various hacks for client-side bitmap image manipulation)    (client-side maps and GIS)     (opengl/vrml/java3d/etc.)
 burst.av.*            (audio and video and SMIL)
 burst.collections.*   (data structures like linked list etc.)
 burst.concurrent.*    (when/if the runtime is multithreaded)
 burst.rpc.SOAP        (using native SOAPCall when available)
 burst.webui.Forms     (XForms/Web Forms/etc.)
 burst.webui.Data      (data binding)
 burst.webui.Timing    (measuring response time like )
 burst.xml.XSLT        (convenience utilities)

Library improvements:

 burst.web.WindowEvent burst.web.DragDrop
    mouse support, such as drag/drop, resize
    keyboard support, including special support for tab, return, arrow, etc.
    perhaps pull out burst.StackTrace and integrate with burst.BurstError
    when available, use native browser XPath
    fix for IE box model


 some way to package an application
 some way to package a component complete with any css, html, images, and script (XBL, etc.)


  JsLink - static analysis to determine dependencies, and extract only code actually needed.


  photo library
  slide show