For information about browser usage statistics and features, see browsers.html .

For a description of available ECMAScript shells, see shells.html .

Note that your choice of "language" and "type" attributes in html script elements can affect how the browser treats your ECMAScript. So can your decision to use an XML declaration and/or XML doctype in your pages. These issues are discussed in the Programmer's Guide .

Browser Support Policy

Generally speaking, we support only browsers with a DOM that allows dynamic creation and removal of elements ("5th generation" browsers, using PPK's definition).

We also only support browsers implementing ECMAScript E-262 edition 3 (equivalent of "JavaScript 1.5"), with a special exception for IE5.0 Win.

Browser Support Table - Summary


Browser Support Table - Details

FamilyBrand Version OSInterpreterStatus
IE (excludes IE5Mac)
IE 6 WinJScript 6.0 (ed 3, runs JavaScript1.3)passes
IE 5.5 WinJScript 5.5 (ed 3, runs JavaScript1.3)untested, interested
IE 5.0 WinJScript 5.0 (ed 1, runs JavaScript1.3)passes.
Mozilla 1.4a Mac OS XSpiderMonkey 1.5passes
Mozilla 1.3 WinSpiderMonkey 1.5passes
Mozilla 1.1 WinSpiderMonkey 1.5passes
Netscape 7.0 WinSpiderMonkey 1.5untested, interested
Netscape 6.2 WinSpiderMonkey 1.5untested, somewhat interested
Netscape 6.0 WinSpiderMonkey 1.5untested, somewhat interested
Operano XMLHTTP equivalent. Opera 7.1 has problems loading scripts after document load (ok in 7.5).
Opera 7.10 Win? (runs JavaScript 1.4)passes
Opera 6 Win? (runs JavaScript 1.4)untested, somewhat interested
KHTMLSafari 1.2 has XmlHttpRequest; Konqueror has W3 Load and Save. Problems loading scripts after document load.
Safari 1.2 MacKJS 3.0.2 + patches (runs JavaScript1.5)most tests pass.
Safari v73 MacKJS 3.0.2 + patches (runs JavaScript1.5)some tests pass. no dynamic iframe.
Konqueror 3.1.1 LinuxKJSsome tests pass. no dynamic iframe.
Konqueror 3.0.4 LinuxKJSfails (buggy Array.concat)
Safari v60 MacKJS 3.0.2 + patchesfails (won't even run JsUnit)
ICEBrowser 5.4.0 JavaRhino 1.5 (runs JavaScript1.5)fails (won't even run JsUnit)
IE5Macwill never be supported
IE 5.x MacJScript (ed 1, runs JavaScript 1.4)fails (won't even parse instanceof)

Supported ECMAScript Shells

SpiderMonkey 1.5passes
XPCShelluntested, but presumably passes since it is also SpiderMonkey
Rhino 1.5R5prefails. We can't find an implementation for getting the current scripts url. decodeURIComponent('a%20b') is ' b', not 'a b'. A 'for in' loop is not consistent on objects that are deeply equal. encodeURIComponent uses lower-case hex.
KJS 3.0.2 + initial JavaScriptCore patchesfails due to buggy ECMAScript implementation