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head shot of Mark D. Anderson I have spent most of my professional career consulting, although I did spend several years working at Pure Software/Atria/Rational. I was Principal Engineer there. As a consultant I have worked with dotcoms (eBay, Lycos, PlaceWare), large enterprise organizations (Kaiser Permanente), and venture firms (Foundation Capital).

Earlier, I obtained graduate degrees from Berkeley and MIT.

I live in San Francisco, and can be reached at:



These are organizations that I support (and in some cases help with hosting):




Unlike "Projects", "Hacks" are useful (but only for the case inspiring them), untested, poorly documented, and understandable. There are some hacks under the hacks/ that are so awful or limited that I don't even list them here. All Perl code is licensed under the same license as Perl (Artistic/GPL); others are dual-licensed under the AFL and GPL, unless otherwise stated.


You can peruse all the poorly maintained, incomplete and often incorrect notes I keep by navigating through topics/ .