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  Discerning Software Corporation provides high-level consulting services to software engineering organizations. Some past and current clients include eBay, Electronic Classifieds, Kaiser Permanente, Lycos, NetObjects, PlaceWare, SkyMall, TimesTen, and WhoWhere.
Architectural Review and
Technical Due Diligence
We have honed a systematic review process applicable either to technical due diligence for potential M&A activity, or as part of any internal product planning review. Having seen many successful and unsuccessful acquisitions and product life cycles, we know what the telltale problem signs are.
Product Architecture
and Product Strategy
We combine an active knowledge of the "bleeding edge" (particularly internet technologies) with experience in what has actually been tested and demonstrated to work in the field. We have designed both native Windows 3-tier client-server and highly scalable web applications. We bring to bear both technical expertise and the business fundamentals necessary to make appropriate calls between architectural investment and time-to-market.
Implementation and Testing Sometimes an organization cannot afford the risk or the time to implement a product internally, or to test it successfully. We have experience with both web and Windows clients, and both user interfaces and database backends. We can accommodate a company's existing commitments to a programming language or object technology. We understand all too well the risks with out-sourced development, and appreciate the even higher need for proper internal documentation and testing. We have deep experience in load testing client-server and web systems, as well as other kinds of testing.
Engineering Tools and Process Having seen numerous engineering organizations of all sizes, we have developed a feel for what level of process formalization is appropriate to different markets and engineering organizations. In addition to providing consulting on engineering organization and process, we also closely track the software tools market, and can readily advise clients on the selection of tools for testing, source control, and defect tracking.