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Discerning Software was founded in 1998 by Mark D. Anderson.

Mark D. Anderson is co-founder and CTO of BuildSite (www.buildsite.com), and has been on the advisory boards of other startups (WorkSpot and Montclare).

He has over fifteen years of industry experience in which he has designed, built, managed, and shipped multiple successful products on Windows, Unix, and the Internet.

He has several years Internet consulting experience with clients such as eBay, Electronic Classifieds, Kaiser Permanente, Lycos, NetObjects, PlaceWare, SkyMall, TimesTen, and WhoWhere. He has spoken and written publicly on web architecture and testing.

For several years he was Principal Engineer at Pure Atria and then Rational Software, leading products such as PureLink and ClearQuest. He assisted in strategic discussions at all levels of the organization, from company-wide to product level. He was one of the primary technical liaisons with Microsoft. He performed the technical due diligence for most acquisitions made in that period, and was actively involved in the follow-up with the acquired companies.

An excellent communicator, he works comfortably with even difficult teams.

He holds 2 patents, and has graduate degrees from MIT and from Berkeley.

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