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burst.Functional Member List

This is the complete list of members for burst.Functional, including all inherited members.
bind(func, arg1,...)burst.Functional [static]
bind1st(BinaryOp binary_op, Object arg1)burst.Functional [static]
bind2nd(BinaryOp binary_op, Object arg2)burst.Functional [static]
compose(UnaryOp f, Function g)burst.Functional [static]
compose_f_g(ZeroaryOp f, ZeroaryOp g)burst.Functional [static]
compose_f_gx(UnaryOp f, UnaryOp g)burst.Functional [static]
compose_f_gx_hx(BinaryOp f, UnaryOp g, UnaryOp h)burst.Functional [static]
compose_f_gx_hy(BinaryOp f, UnaryOp g, UnaryOp h)burst.Functional [static]
compose_f_gxy(UnaryOp f, BinaryOp g)burst.Functional [static]
compose_sort(BinaryOp secondary, BinaryOp primary)burst.Functional [static]
mem_fn(MemberFunction mem_func)burst.Functional [static]
mem_fun0(ZeroAryMemberFunction mem_func)burst.Functional [static]
mem_fun1(UnAryMemberFunction mem_func)burst.Functional [static]
not1(UnaryPred unary_pred)burst.Functional [static]
not2(BinaryPred binary_pred)burst.Functional [static]

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