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BurstProject File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Alg.javaDefines burst.Alg which contains static utility functions for collections
AssertFailure.javaDefines burst.AssertFailure, a subclass of burst.BurstError used for bu_assertTrue and similar
burst_first.javaUtility file - this is the first library file to be loaded: Tries to ensure we aren't in a totally broken environment
BurstError.javaDefines class burst.BurstError, which is the base Error class for exceptions thrown from the library
Comparator.javaDefines burst.Comparator, and some predefined instances for different object types
Config.javaDefines the class burst.Config and global bu_Config
fix_ecma.javaUtility file - attempts to bring builtin objects such as Array and Function into compliance with ECMAScript edition 3 (JavaScript 1.5)
Functional.javaDefines burst.Functional which contains static utility functions for functional programming
Lang.javaDefines burst.Lang which contains static utility functions, and defines the global function bu_eval
MOP.javaDefines burst.MOP which contains static utility functions related to a MetaObject Protocol
ScriptLoader.javaDefines burst.ScriptLoader which loads scripts and manages dependencies
Text.javaDefines burst.Text which contains static string utilities
Time.javaDefines burst.Time which contains static utility functions for the date and time
URI.javaDefines burst.URI, which has static utility functions as well as being instantiable
io/XmlHttpURIRequest.javaDefines , an implementation of using XMLHTTP object
logging/Appender.javaDefines burst.logging.Appender
logging/AppenderBuffer.javaDefines burst.logging.AppenderBuffer, an instance of burst.logging.Appender
logging/AppenderIframe.javaDefines burst.logging.AppenderIframe, an instance of burst.logging.Appender
logging/Log.javaLogging system, defining class burst.logging.Log and global functions bu_debug etc
logging/logging_init.javaExecuted after all other files in burst.logging.* are loaded
props/AbstractProperties.javaDefines burst.props.AbstractProperties and various subclasses
props/PropertyError.javaDefines class burst.props.PropertyError used by burst.props.* and burst.reflect.*
reflect/PropertyDef.javaDefines burst.reflect.PropertyDef and some subclasses
runtime/AbstractRuntime.javaAbstract class burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime, an abstraction layer for the ECMAScript runtime
runtime/DomRuntime.javaDefines burst.runtime.DomRuntime, a subclass of burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime for a browser environment
runtime/KJSRuntime.javaDefines burst.runtime.KJSRuntime, a subclass of burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime for the KJS shell
runtime/RhinoRuntime.javaDefines burst.runtime.RhinoRuntime, a subclass of burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime for Rhino (shell) environment
runtime/runtime_init.javaExecuted after all possible AbstractRuntime classes are defined, to select among them and define bu_Runtime
runtime/SpiderMonkeyRuntime.javaDefines burst.runtime.SpiderMonkeyRuntime, a subclass of burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime for a SpiderMonkey-based environment (typically non-browser shell)
runtime/WshRuntime.javaDefines burst.runtime.WshRuntime, a subclass of burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime for Microsoft WSH
web/DragDrop.javaDefines burst.web.DragDrop which holds static functions related to drag and drop
web/TextSelection.javaDefines burst.web.TextSelection which holds static functions related to text selection
web/UserAgent.javaSingleton class burst.web.UserAgent to identify the browser, and its global instance bu_UA
web/WindowEvent.javaDefines burst.web.WindowEvent which holds static functions related to window events, and burst.web.IEEvent
webui/WidgetManager.javaDefines burst.webui.WiddgetManager , a (typically singleton) class to manage widget instances
webui/widgets/AbstractWidget.javaDefines burst.webui.widgets.AbstractWidget
webui/widgets/SortTable.javaDefines burst.webui.widgets.SortTable, a widget which makes an HTML table sortable by clicking on its column heads
xml/DomUtil.javaDefines burst.xml.DomUtil which contains static generic DOM-related utility functions
xml/fix_dom.javaUtility file - attempts to bring up the builtin DOM objects to DOM compliance
xml/HtmlBox.javaDefines burst.xml.HtmlBox which contains static functions for manipulating html size and position
xml/HtmlUtil.javaDefines burst.xml.HtmlUtil which contains static HTML DOM-related utility functions; see also burst.xml.HtmlBox
xml/XmlDoc.javaDefines burst.xml.XmlDoc which contains static utility functions for XML DOM objects
xml/XPath.javaA simplified XPath implementation, including class burst.xml.XPath

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