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BurstProject Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
burst.props.AbstractPropertiesAbstract base class for anything that can hold named values
burst.runtime.AbstractRuntimeAbstract base class definining the minimum that an environment must provide base class for fetching text content or an (XML) Document object given a URI
burst.webui.widgets.AbstractWidgetAbstract base class for widgets
burst.AlgScoping class to hold static collection utility functions
burst.logging.AppenderBase class for a logging destination
burst.logging.AppenderBufferSubclass of Appender which is implemented as a a circular Array buffer of specified size, to hold log messages
burst.logging.AppenderIframeSubclass of Appender which sends output to an iframe within the current browser window
burst.AssertFailureSubclass of BurstError that is thrown by bu_assertTrue and other assertion functions
burst.BurstErrorSubclass of native Error which is used for exceptions thrown by the library
burst.ComparatorClass representing a comparator function for a particular object type and behavior
burst.ConfigSingleton class for the global variable bu_Config, which holds configuration
burst.webui.widgets.ControlWidgetAbstract subclass of AbstractWidget for widgets that participate as form controls
burst.runtime.DomRuntimeSingleton subclass of AbstractRuntime for a browser environment (or wherever there is a DOM)
burst.xml.DomUtilScoping class to hold static generic DOM-related utility functions; see also burst.xml.XmlDoc
burst.web.DragDropScoping class to hold static functions related to drag and drop
burst.FunctionalScoping class to hold static functions for functional programming
burst.props.GroupPropertiesSubclass of AbstractProperties that wraps a provided Array of other AbstractProperties instances
burst.xml.HtmlBoxScoping class holding static functions for manipulating html element size and position
burst.xml.HtmlUtilScoping class holding static HTML DOM-related utility functions
burst.web.IEEventClass to synthesize a compliant W3 Event object from IE's window.event of AbstractURIRequest based on a hidden iframe
burst.runtime.KJSRuntimeSingleton subclass of AbstractRuntime for KJS
burst.LangScoping class containing static functions which provide basic functionality that is not part of the ECMAScript standard, but might have been
burst.logging.LogClass to manage debug, warning, and other logging calls
burst.logging.LogLevelClass whose only purpose is to be used to create the fixed constants such as burst.logging.Log.DEBUG
burst.props.MapPropertiesSubclass of AbstractProperties that wraps a provided Object acting as an associative array
burst.MOPScoping class to hold various pieces of a MetaObject Protocol for ECMAScript
burst.props.NodeAttributesPropertiesSubclass of AbstractProperties that wraps a DOM Node's attributes
burst.reflect.PropertyDefAbstract base class for property metadata
burst.reflect.PropertyDefBooleanSubclass of PropertyDef whose String values are 'true' or 'false', and values are true or false
burst.reflect.PropertyDefExprSubclass of PropertyDef whose strings are expressions that are eval'd to produce an Object
burst.reflect.PropertyDefImageUrlSubclass of PropertyDef whose values are URL strings for images
burst.reflect.PropertyDefNumberSubclass of PropertyDef whose String values are integers
burst.reflect.PropertyDefStringSubclass of PropertyDef that imposes no more constraints than in the base class
burst.props.PropertyErrorSubclass of burst.BurstError which is thrown when invalid configuration is found
burst.props.QueryStringPropertiesSubclass of AbstractProperties that parses a URL-style query string
burst.runtime.RhinoRuntimeSingleton subclass of AbstractRuntime for Rhino
burst.ScriptClass to represent each loaded module, managed by ScriptLoader
burst.ScriptLoaderClass to manage dependencies and loading of script files
burst.webui.widgets.SortHeadSubclass of AbstractWidget to hold per-column sorting configuration
burst.webui.widgets.SortTableSubclass of AbstractWidget providing sort behavior for an HTML table
burst.runtime.SpiderMonkeyRuntimeSingleton subclass of AbstractRuntime for SpiderMonkey
burst.props.StylePropertiesSubclass of AbstractProperties that parses a string that mimics the syntax of a style attribute or CSS declaration body
burst.props.SubPropertiesSubclass of AbstractProperties that holds a subtree of another AbstractProperties instance starting with a specified prefix
burst.TextScoping class to hold static utilities for String
burst.web.TextSelectionScoping class to hold static functions related to text selection
burst.TimeScoping class for static date and time utilities
burst.URIScoping class for static URI-related utilities; can also be instantiated, if you prefer an OO-model
burst.web.UserAgentSingleton class to provide identifying information about the current browser, and any bugs and features it may have
burst.webui.WidgetManagerThe (typically singleton) class whose instance manages all widget instances
burst.web.WindowEventScoping class to hold static functions related to window events
burst.runtime.WshRuntimeSingleton subclass of AbstractRuntime for WSH
burst.xml.XmlDocScoping class to hold static functions related to objects compliant with the XML (non-HTML) DOM of AbstractURIRequest using XMLHTTP object support
burst.xml.XPathClass representing a complied XPath expression

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