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burst.logging.AppenderIframe Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for burst.logging.AppenderIframe:

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Detailed Description

Subclass of Appender which sends output to an iframe within the current browser window.

It relies on the existence of an external file, whose location is specified in class constant CONTENT_FILE .

Public Member Functions

 AppenderIframe (String classval, String styleval, Boolean lazy_create)

Static Public Attributes

final String CONTENT_FILE = 'BurstLogIframe.html'
 the name of the file loaded by the dynamically created iframe, and the value of the iframe src attribute

final String CONTENT_ID = 'buLogCONTENTID'
 the id of element within static html of CONTENT_FILE content that we use to parent the message children

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

burst.logging.AppenderIframe.AppenderIframe String  classval,
String  styleval,
Boolean  lazy_create


The classval and styleval are for attributes of the iframe element that is created in the current document. Styling of the content, and any extra functionality that may be put there, is determined by the external html file.

classval Optional. if specified, a value for a class attribute in the iframe element.
styleval Optional. if specified, a value for a style attribute in the iframe element.
lazy_create Optional. if true, the output window is not created until the first message arrives.

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