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Detailed Description

Utility file - attempts to bring builtin objects such as Array and Function into compliance with ECMAScript edition 3 (JavaScript 1.5).

The main target is support for IE5.0 Windows (JScript 5.0). Even there, we do not attempt to compensate for all its missing features (such as lacking non-greedy regexps, etc.).

For a good summary of what was fixed by Microsoft in JScript 5.5, see:

We provide implementations of these functions:

The functions above marked with "*" are replaced in some cases regardless of whether they are already defined. The unmarked ones are defined only if they are not already defined.

Improve runtime detection of when these fixes are needed. Right now, only "escape" is done well.
This file has no dependencies on any other file.

This file only affects the builtin ECMAScript objects, except that it does keep track of the names it has defined in the global Array bu_fixed.

Copyright 2003 Mark D. Anderson (

Licensed under the Academic Free License 1.2

fix_ecma.js,v 1.9 2004/10/25 07:56:50 mdaoh Exp


Array bu_fixed = []
 Array of names of symbols we've defined.

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