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Todo List

Class burst.runtime.AbstractRuntime
make the libraries auto-register so it isn't necessary to have all of them.

consider an abbreviated version that does no loading, just resolves and checks assertions

Member burst::io::AbstractURIRequest.getDocumentAsync (String url, Function handler)
when will responseXML be null? When is parseError set?

Member burst::io::AbstractURIRequest.getTextAsync (String url, Function handler, Boolean nocache)
make sure we never cache if the request failed.

Member burst::webui::widgets::AbstractWidget.parseProperties (Boolean do_defaults, Boolean do_mandatory)
also try xmlns attributes within some namespace uri, for example getAttributeNS(BURST_WIDGET_NS, unqualname)

Class burst.Alg
Investigate any speed improvement from hoisting arr.length into a constant outside of loop.

perhaps use Duff's Device

Document which algorithms allow mutating function arguments.

Member burst::Alg.for_map (Object map, Function binary_func)
consider filtering by "k in obj.prototype", etc.

Member burst::runtime::DomRuntime.readEvalAsync (String url, Function done_handler)
Find a way for browsers other than Mozilla to have a done_handler called.

Member burst::xml::DomUtil.el (String name, Object attmap, String children,...)
have an XMLWriter object that supports options such as controllable indenting, doctype, etc.

Member burst::xml::DomUtil.getAttribute (Element node, String name)
A similar function with xmlns support.

Determine whether attribute global namespace is done with getAttributeNS('', n) or getAttributeNS(null,n)

Member burst::xml::DomUtil.getInnerText (Node node)
Is there a reliable distinction between returning '' and null if for example there are no children?

Member burst::xml::DomUtil.nd (Node node, Object attmap, Node child1,...)
: IE will blindly setAttribute('onclick', str) to a string, which doesn't work.

Member burst::xml::DomUtil.serialize (Node node, Boolean isHtml)
: offer control over putting
after things like PIs, and possibly indenting. Ultimately, we'd need a "Writer" interface.

Member burst::Functional.bind (func, arg1,...)
finish implementation of bind

Member burst::Functional.mem_fn (MemberFunction mem_func)
finish implementation of mem_fn

Member burst::xml::HtmlBox.setStylePos (Node el, Number left, Number top)
could set runtimeStyle in IE instead?

Opera want the 'px' or not?

Member burst::xml::HtmlUtil.iframeCreate (String iframe_id, String srcval, String onloadval, Function create_cb, Boolean as_visible)
what browsers require Function vs. String for onload?

For browsers that support iframe onload, do the events bubble up? does returning false help?

Class burst.web.IEEvent
methods for mouse position, relative to display screen, scrolled page content, or browser window.

Member burst::Lang.isLegalIdentifier (String s)
Are non-reserved words such as NaN, Infinity, window, eval, String legal identifiers? Can they be used as object initializer keys?

Member burst::Lang.securityEnableRead_moz ()
In a Mozilla browser, will this always cause a popup confirmation?

Class burst.logging.Log
automatically choose burst.logging.Log instance by caller file name, in environments where it is available.

incorporate any ideas/code from (written in ActionScript 2.0)

maybe let bu_debug and so on be used in burst_first after all

Class burst.ScriptLoader
Support for module version numbers (declare and require)

Class burst.webui.widgets.SortTable
Set (add) an additional class whenever a sort head is clicked, so that css can be used to visually show sort state.

Member burst::runtime::SpiderMonkeyRuntime.readEvalSync (String fpath)
How does load() handle runtime syntax errors?

How does load() handle a non-existent or unreadable file?

Class burst.Time
characterize what formats the native Date will parse, to determine what compensation might be necessary.

Class burst.URI
Add more instance methods.

Class burst.webui.WidgetManager
The choice of what is a class method/variable versus instance method/variable is somewhat ad hoc here, as one might expect for a singleton.

Member burst::webui::WidgetManager.processConstructorNode (Node node, Boolean ctor_must_exist)
Right now, dynamic widget script loading seems not to work in Safari or Opera, just Moz and IE.

Member burst::web::WindowEvent.addWindowListener (String eventtype, Function func, Window win)
Will a dynamic window.onload always override a static or dynamic body.onload? See (no except Opera)

Can you attach handlers to document.documentElement?


Make has_window_event_listener return true for opera 7.5?

Member burst::web::WindowEvent.dispatchClick (Node node)
How do dispatchEvent() and click() relate to addEventListener() and setting onclick()?

Member burst::xml::XmlDoc.createFromString (String str)
For IE, as with load(), is doc.loadXML() false if and only if doc.parseError is set?

Member burst::xml::XmlDoc.getParseError (DomDocument domdoc)
Mozilla uses parsererror or ParserError or PARSERERROR?

When will IE throw a synchronous error to load()

Any escaping of the string in case it has xml in it?

Member burst::xml::XmlDoc.loadUrl (DomDocument xmldoc, String url, Function handler)
In IE, does a parsing error make load() return false or just IO errors? if false is returned, is parseError always set?

Does mozilla have a useful return value from DomDocument.load()?

What does either IE or Moz do with a "file:" url? Is it still async?

Whether both Mozilla and IE support the same transfer-encoding's as the browser.

Support the xml and http mechanisms available through Flash (XML.sendAndLoad(), etc.)

Consider Konqueror W3 "Load and Save" support.

Class burst.xml.XPath
When there is a fast real XPath implementation available, use that instead.

Member burst::xml::XPath.XPath (String pathstr, String flags)
do all browsers return uc for tagName and nodeName? do they do it even on xhtml doctype, or mime type text/xml?

Improve runtime detection of when these fixes are needed. Right now, only "escape" is done well.

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